About Us

Coastal Precast was founded in July of 2001. The company's first production bay was erected in 2002 and the second in 2004, with the batch plant coming iProducts are poured in two open bays served by a centrally located batch plant.n between.

Now over 45,000 square feet (4181 sq m) are under roof on the 18-acre site, and the work force numbers 36.

With a few good people to start out, we have forged our way to becoming one of the largest precast suppliers in the southwest Florida area.

From supplying the local contractors for their every need to the Florida Department of Transportation projects, we build a wide variety of storm, sanitary and specialty products.

Our team of highly skilled people know the business and try to provide the best possible products for the best price, in a timely manner, with customer's needs in mind the entire time. The employees at Coastal Precast of Florida, Inc. are the company's backbone, with well over 200 years combined experience in the precast industry.

We strive to be on the cutting edge of technology and performance of concrete projects, experimenting with new products and methods every day. With the Southwest Florida Utility Contractors Association's support and our involvement with the association, it has helped us maintain this leading edge.

"Without our customers to back us and only our word for them to trust, we have nothing.Without our customers to back us and only our word for them to trust, we have nothing!"
Many companies have lost sight of who the customer really is. "Our customers are not just numbers to us. They are people too!"

We serve a market area from Orlando to Key West, and we build just about anything out of concrete. If there's a need for it, we'll make it. This includes such products as drainage and sanitary structures, vaults, junction boxes and grade rings, plus a wide variety of miscellaneous items.

Products are poured in two open bays served by a centrally located batch plant.

Production flow through the structures is well-thought-out and logical, with smaller, frequently used forms all located at the end of the bay closest to the door and yard. Our manufacturing flow is based on input from the plant crew, it's all about how to make their jobs go better and easier. Our whole company, including the office, is planned that way, because we listened to the people who would be working in these areas, and laid things out accordingly.

Coastal Precast has experienced growth and progress in the few short years since the company was founded, and a solid customer base has been established through hard work, service and the delivery of a quality product. Add to this the attitude of a plant built through employee involvement and you have the foundation for a bright future.